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Poland is a country located in Central Europe, East from Germany. Poland has everything - beaches up north, mountains down south, thousands of lakes in Masuria, history of Cracow and many more. It is also pretty budget friendly - as the costs of living are not that big compared to its western neighbors. With its medieval history, you can visit hundreds of castles, such as the most famous one - The Wawel Castle and learn about the legend of Wawel Dragon.


Being the 4th planet in The Solar System and with recent rapid development of rocket science - it surely will become an interesting (and expensive) tourist attraction... Maybe. Well, as for now, the planet has nothing but red rocks, but with SpaceX's recent development of Falcon rockets, we can expect it to change. The only problem is, we have no idea when and IF that will happen anywhere in our closest future.


Antarctica is the geographically southmost continent of our planet. Surrounded by the Southern Ocean and being twice as large as Australia, it is by far the least populated continent on Earth. On average it is the coldest, windiest and driest continent and has the largest average elevation change. It also was the the last continent to be discovered. If you think that Antarctica tourism is a crazy idea, then you must know that it has been an interesting place to visit for many people ever since 1960s.


Finland is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe. Sharing borders with Sweden, Russia and Norway. Thanks to the Ice Age, the land of Finland is famous for its over 180 000 thousand recorded lakes. The most popular tourism destination is the region of Lapland - where you may witness Aurora Borealis, learn about the culture of indigenous Sámi people, stop at Kakslauttanen's igloo village and even visit the real life Santa Claus Village.


In the recent years, Iceland has seen a spike of tourism that doesn't see a stop. The country being located on the North Atlantic Ocean, it is slowly becoming more famous, thanks to its hot geysers, which hurl boiling water even up to 70 meters in the air. On the Iceland, you can swim in a natural hot spring water, while the landscape is surrounded by the beautiful snow covered landscape.


Andorra is a tiny country located between the borders of France and Spain. Apart from being a tax heaven, it is becoming more popular thanks to its surprisingly many ski resorts, as it has over 185 kilometers of ski ground. The sport brings in over 7 million visitors annually. Being a duty-free country, the living cost is surprisingly low, around 40% cheaper than neighbouring Spain and France. Its capital, Andorra la Vella, is the highest capital city in Europe, at an elevation of 1023 meters above the sea level.